Cardio-Based Workshops

The Furnace Are ready to ignite you next workout? Let’s burn it up in a total cardio mix of calorie torching workout ideas. Learn how to apply the most current fat-burning research and science to truly help your participants reach their personal goals of feeling better and increasing their calorie burn. Put it to practice with various cardio combinations that include a mix of low, high, fast and slow.

Punch and Crunch This workshop is filled with a whole lot of ‘punch’ and a little ‘crunch’!  This kickboxing session combines jabs, hooks, kicks, interval training, agility combinations, body weight training, core and more. Join Krista and her contagious high energy as she leads you through this no-fluff, no excuses, idea-filled session.

Let’s Just Step 2018 We love it – – and yes many of us still teach step classes. Join Krista as she takes you through your paces in this free-style, super fun, choreography filled step session. Krista will provide you with proven ways to break down patterns for participant success while keeping the movement, flow and intensity high. Fill your step toolbox with new combinations and a fun, fresh take on your favorite step moves.

One Step, One Rep at a Time: Take 2018! Join Krista as she takes you through this workout one step and rep at a time. By putting together interesting step routines followed by resistance training, this full body workout will have your participants benefiting from both a heart and muscle pumping session. Super fun and effective, this step and rep session will not disappoint!

Get Fit and Get I.T.! In this no equipment, cardio based interval workout, experience various training durations and formats that will have you experiencing long to short intervals. Mixing up the intensities, the intervals, the recoveries and the moves takes this interval training session to higher level. Challenging and informative, you’ll walk away with a toolbox of interval ideas.

Bounce Your Booty Off! Join Krista in a trampoline workout that is so much fun, you’ll be rocking a smile before the first 5 minutes is over. In this sweat-inspired, booty busting workout, we will combine bouncing techniques with creative and challenging moves for the entire body. Jump start any workout program on a fitness-trampoline that makes time fly and your booty bounce!

Get Ripped on a Rebounder There is a long list of exercises and movement that can be done on a fitness trampoline beyond just bouncing. This versatile piece of equipment infuses strength and endurance training with plyometrics and interval sets for a physically balanced and motivating workout. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your one-on-one, small or large group training, this workshop is challenging enough to not only get your clients and participants one step closer to their goals, they’ll have fun along the way.