Keiser Indoor Cycling

Keiser Fusion: From Bike to Barre

In today’s indoor cycling world where more is presumed better, learn how to create fusion classes that tie in the key components of a solid ride with authentic fitness components. From revolutions to reps, take away effective ideas that will give your riders the know-how and the tools to add fusion-style rides into their training repertoire and programming.


Keiser Trifecta: Together Each Achieves More

Join Keiser for a TEAM ride that will both inspire and motivate you. From a profile that will take you across various terrains, to the addition of technology for added incentive and fun, experience the unique teaching style of our award-winning Master Trainers for a ride where we each truly can achieve more, together. Are you ready to join our trifecta?


Keiser Power: Geeks, Gears and Rears

Keiser was not only the first to introduce power, but is still a leader in power training across the globe. In this session, walk away with the theoretical background of power training and then get your rear in a saddle to experience the real-world application of power. This session will power you up and take away the guess-work of how to effectively add power training into your classes.


Keiser HIIT: From Science to Real-World Rides

Running short-term H.I.I.T. programs on the bike can increase revenues and enable riders to see results in a short time. With HIIT being a workout staple, experience how responsive the Keiser M3i is to interval training and discover new formatting ideas that go beyond the science to applied experiences. Layer in a marketing plan and you have a HIIT program that is results-based and revenue-driven!


Keiser C3: Create, Coach, Cycle

Knowing how to put together a successful class takes new ideas and a fresh approach. In this session, learn how to create interesting ride profiles, discover tips on playlist selections and more importantly, uncover training methods on how to “coach” your riders to individual success. Empower yourself and your rider’s with coaching and training skills that will take your rides beyond the basic.


Keiser Ride: Music, Games and Drills that Thrill

Putting together cycling classes that keep riders engaged and challenged can be difficult at times. But knowing a few tricks can help you organize and execute a memorable ride. Beginning with a playlist selection that connects music with energy-demands, followed by the correct balance of drills and games creates the perfect formula for cycling success. If you are ready to ride, we are ready to deliver in this idea-packed session.


Keiser Technology: Taking on the Tech Challenge

We’ve come a long way since indoor cycles first hit the market. Today’s bikes are equipped with computers that show power, heart rate, cadence, energy expenditure and more. Virtual indoor cycling displays can simulate outdoor scenery or a rider’s real-time performance and apps take our teaching and our riders experience to a whole new level. But how should instructor’s best use all these exciting advancements? Learn how to utilize technology to your and your rider’s advantage. Maximize the benefits of technology and keep rider’s engaged and inspired both on and off the bike.