Personal Training Workshops

4 x 4: Small Group Training 4 Success The 4×4 small-group training formula is simple to follow, effective and fun! Small groups are a great way to increase your revenue potential and train a manageable number of clients. With 4 stations, 4 clients and sets that are 4 minutes long, this super fun and idea-packed workshop is a fantastic way to rev up any small-group training session. Focus: Group Strength – PT’s and GX Equipment: Open to what is available.

Small Group Training: Building Muscles + Mastery You have mastered the art of one-on-one training. Now it is time to step it up a notch and rock the small group training world. In this unique workshop, experience small group workout ideas plus learn the tricks of the trade that are critical to creating great group experiences. From cueing, multi-tasking tips, and engagement, learn how to manage groups with fitness and ease. Get a leg up on your competition and build both muscles and small group mastery!

Back of the Body Workouts Let’s tuck away those “front of the body” moves and take time to pay attention to the back of the body. We’ll discuss the imbalances that occur between back and front, and how certain exercises can help to correct these imbalances. Next we will focus on the anatomy of movements and choose and experience the best exercises to strengthen the lower and upper back, glut complex and legs. Get ready to stand taller and get noticed as you walk out the door!

Speed Dating Exercise Circuits The best thing about speed dating exercise circuits is that you can move quickly along and have some fun while you are at it! In this session, we will experience the key benefits of circuit training in a format that works the whole body. From partner drills to plyos, endurance training, abs and more, your clients will love this super-challenging workout. Big on ideas and taught with or without equipment, this session will have you sweating and smiling – – with no strings attached!

Beyond the Bump: Pre/PostNatal Exercise for the New (and perhaps not so new!) Mom Managing your pregnancy and getting your body back post-baby is an important goal for many postnatal women. As a trainer or instructor, it’s important to guide your client through a plan that is not only effective, but time efficient and do-able. Before embarking on this journey with your new mom, it’s important to have an understanding of the pre and postnatal body plus the physiological and psychological path that you will be travelling together. Armed with an exercise grab bag full of ideas plus and a time focused game plan this session will get the new mom far beyond the bump and into a future that is healthy and happy!