Resistance Training Workshops

Fit Kit 20 With as few as one or as many as three pieces of fitness equipment, Fit Kit 20 will give you 3 separate workouts that can each be done in 20 minutes or less. With a little ingenuity and an overall plan, it is easy to create sessions that are efficient, full body workouts. As a bonus, any combination of the 20 minute workouts are perfect for a quick personal training session or group fitness class. Are you ready to get Fit in 20?

Body Weight Training Amped Up We all know that the best piece of equipment is your body. This non-equipment based session is the perfect combination of functional strength and evolving intervals that will amp up any workout. Interactive, totally fun and packed with amazing ideas, this workout is perfect for small or large groups. Body Weight Training Amped Up is truly a do anywhere, do anytime workout – – for anyone!

Triple-Training: FXNal Circuits You’ve heard it’s important to double the fun, but what about tripling the results? Progressive resistance training can improve the functional movement patterning for many clients, regardless of ability or starting fitness level. Discover a 3-step approach that is sure to generate improved strength, power and speed for all your clients. Life doesn’t work in 2-count reps, and for that reason it is important to train in a manner that generates speed and strength for critical power and powerful results.

It’s Hard to Resist: Resistance Band Training The resistance band is like the hidden holy grail of small fitness equipment. It is easy to use, incredibly versatile and unbelievably effective! In this session, walk away with a tool box of exercises ideas that will encompass a full body workout from head to toe. Resistance band exercises cover the three components of training – encompassing, efficient and effective. Starting with the correct mechanics and ending with a workout that is hard to resist, this session is for everyone.

Rock Solid! Dumbbells, body bars and medicine balls are an equipment staple in most fitness studios. However, if you have been instructing long enough, chances are you have fallen into the trap of teaching the same strength routine more often than not. Join Krista as she takes you through a variety of training formats such as supersetting, tri-setting, combination training and more and learn effective and creative ways to take your strength training from blasé to rock solid.