Navigating a Career in the Fitness Industry Many of us are familiar with the quote “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Good in theory, but here’s the truth. Creating and sustaining a full time career in the fitness industry does take some work. Luckily the pay off is a career that is fulfilling, inspiring and worth working hard for. Join Krista as she shares her tips, other industry leader’s thoughts, words of wisdom and personal experiences and ideas for a long and successful career in fitness.

Be a Leader in Fitness with Presenting & Public Speaking Have you ever considered adding presenter to your list of accomplishments? You probably do more public speaking than you give yourself credit for in fitness classes, staff meetings and small-group training (yes, these scenarios count!). Still, there is a special talent and learned skill set to presenting top-notch CEC workshops and conference lectures. These same skills can help you captivate and impress your audience in staff meetings, management presentations, job interviews and even sales pitches to potential clients. Join Krista and Amanda for the insider advice and key strategies needed to become a polished, in-demand fitness presenter or public speaker in the industry. Get inspired to take your fitness career to the next level! Co-presented with Amanda Vogel.

20 Shades of Great: Starting and Building Your Personal Training Business In this session, we will look at 20 different ways to take your training business to the next level. From comprehensive business plans, long term strategic planning, experience marketing, meet and greets and more, walk away with great ideas that will bring take PT business to the top.

Women Rock! Fit @ 40, 50 and Beyond! What’s the secret to looking good and feeling even better? In this session we will discuss some of the challenges that the 40+ year old female is starting to face – including a battle with fat cells, a changing body and everyday life responsibilities. Learn how to effectively work with this clientele to help them feel better and look great. Armed with a better understanding of the female client and with a focus on results, your clients will be back for more; plus they will tell all their friends! Good for their body and good for your business’ bottom line.

A Lasting Impression What kind of impression do you make in your classes? Do you rock out your workouts and fill the studio? In this session we will break it down and give you the how-to’s of being a fabulous and memorable instructor. Join Krista Popowych, internationally and reward recognized presenter as she shares real life tips of creating a fitness class that is excellent from start to finish. Improve your teaching style, crank up the studio environment and create a lasting impression!

Building a Velcro Team We all want to create a winning organization with great employees, motivated managers and revenue generating programming. But more importantly, we want our team to stick together. The building of a velcro team starts with you. In this session we will discuss ways to build a winning organization from start-up and beyond. Join Krista for real-life scenarios, tips and ideas from industry leaders to empower, motivate and keep your team together. Lecture Focus: PT, GX, Managers, and Entrepreneurs