August 18, 2018
by netclimber
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Life + Fitness = Real Living

As wonderful as it is to hang out in the sunshine and eat ‘beach’ food, it might be time to curb the bad habits (i.e. get rid of the beach ball beer belly) and return to healthier choices. It is easy to munch on a bag of chips and sip on a soda while hanging out with friends on the beach or on a patio. However, your body might be giving you the signals to get back on track – – well before the leaves start to fall. As we move into September, take a moment to reflect on how you currently feel. If you haven’t fallen into the trap of lazy summer days, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back and keep doing what you are doing. But if you need a re-boot, now’s the time. Start by creating a workout schedule that is realistic and will fit into your day to day life. Family and work commitments are important and will ramp up again very soon. But you won’t do either well if you are not taking care of yourself. Schedule in your workouts.  Next set small lifestyle goals – a walk in the evening, a few extra fruits and vegetables throughout the day, less snacking after dinner and more play time with your kids. And most importantly, keep it simple. It is the small changes that are easier to achieve and make the biggest impact long term. xo Krista